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"I was just thinking about toy computers today and remembered the Digicomp. For my 10th birthday, my parents gave me this cool little machine in 1968.I had been playing with those stylus hand-held adding-subtracting calculators for some time - taking different ones apart to see how they 'knew' the answers. My parents supposed that a Digi-Comp was the next step. Instead of having pieces of tin calculators all over my room, the Digi-Comp started in pieces and would clean itself up when assembled.My fondest memory was taking the Digi-Comp to 5th grade math class one day. We had just been introduced to modulo arithmetic, so this was a perfect way to explain binary math - well at least to me. The class and teacher were a bit (no pun intended) confused by my demonstration of the Digi-Comp.The Digi-Comp certainly made an impression on me, as my entire 35 year career as been in computing."