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We want more.....well done guys . The Holden farm was near McConnellsburg. (St Thomas, Pa) my 3rd G.G.Grandfather (he had a fast horse, he made it to Gettysburg Quick), He was a member of the 21st PA. that first group of dismounted calvary that held Bobby Lee's men back that first day...DAVID ADAM HOLDEN ...he was 15 years old,,,his 7 brothers and his dad William Holden Sr. Capt. of the 149th BUCKTAILS co B. he was their Captain when he died 27 November 1863 @Mine Run, Orange, Virginia, United States The bucktails were the sharpshooters an elite team put together because they were the best. We had 100 men on both moms side and my dads side in that war, most were at Gettysburg. Thank you for the work you do, My son and I are living history members and we lived in gettysburg- chambersburg area for 20 years