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"My father who just died at age 97, wrote the following about Schiffmann's Asthmador:Something like the “Schifmann's Asthmador” my dad used to take because of his asthma attacks. My dad suffered from asthma which in all probability came from the use of burning wood in the locations he resided and even in our home where we used a wood stove for heating the kitchen and Mayme used it for cooking meals. He used Schiffman's Asthmador to help with his asthma problem. He used to inhale the smoke of the Asthmador which he placed on a metal coffee cover in 2 rows of the asthmador lighting one end of the asthmador until it was all burned. Then he lit the other row of the stuff. It wasn't until he died and I learned from reading info re Asthmador, that it contained a drug which was not marketed legally, but used by sniffers who wished to get a high. It was taken off the market some years after he died because it had a bit of an opium ingredient. We always had to be sure that he had a full can of the powder. The can was colored pale green. It contained about the same amount as a small can of tomato soup, however it was an oblong can with a tin cover. He would ignite the powder with a match on a metal round flat tray and inhale the smoke it gave off. He'd wheeze a lot, but it made him feel good. "