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"My 11th great grandparents, Thomas and Alice Hart, built this house in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Their five children, including my 10th great grandmother, Sarah, grew up here. The other children were Thomas Jr., Samuel, Mary, and Mary (yes, two Marys!). Sarah married Captain George Norton and they had several children as well. Thomas Sr.'s mother, Elizabeth, was accused of witchcraft as an old lady and was sent to live in Boston. Thomas began a petition to absolve her of any accusations of witchcraft. It worked and she returned home only to pass away soon after. Thomas himself died not too long after his mother and was supposedly buried in the basement until he was removed later and interred in the Ancient Burial Ground in Ipswich, Mass (as well as his wife and possibly his parents). A kind of replica of the house is still located in Ipswich and is known as the 1640 Hart House. It is a restaurant. I hope to visit this exhibit as soon as the museum reopens. American history? This is my history!"