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Hello I recently aquired a Woodstock "Electrite" Typewriter and was looking for some History on it. It's in fare shape and remarkably operational for it's age. I blew the dust out of it but I'm hesitant to go any further as I see paint is pealing. I live in a very dry climate here in Arizona so maybe the minor rust will stop advancing. My background of a Office Machine Technician and Service Manager from 1968 to 1989 involved servicing of many types of mechanical and electric typewriters. Then came the electronics and the mechanical typewriters died. I have a small collection of portable Smith Corona typewriters, Olympia manual typewriter, Victor manuel 10 key calculator and a old black Victor 54 key and a black Densmore Typewriter. If you have any more history on this Woodstock "Electrite" Typewriter I would love it.