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"When my husband was in public school during the war he became involved with the Cheerio Yo Yo company in Toronto Canada.He became very good at it and one day while demonstrating at the Eaton Centre in Toronto the string broke and it hit a crystal chandelier He is 86 now with a memory problem.Down through the years we always enjoyed watching him make the yo yo do everything but talk, but never thought to ask about the circumstances that led up to this knowledge. Since it was an important part of his like, I feel it needs to be mentioned in writing the history of his life. All he can remember is someone coming to Leslie Street school and showing them how to do the tricks. He said he had several badges, but only one is left. In white tread it says 99 Cheerio YoYo. In red Silver Award. Is there a Yo Yo Museum In Toronto that would have information on that old Cheerio company before it was bought out . Like what procedure did they use to connect with the yougsters during the war years and up to 1945. Any name and address, especially in Toronto, that might be able to help me, would be most appreciated. Thank you Beatrice Martingale."