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"This is a Burroughs F200 Sensimatic mechanical Accounting machine from the late 50s or early 60s. I am a former Burroughs Field Engineer and worked on many of these machines. I was probably one of the last engineers to go through factory training in Detroit Michigan. The Sensimatic was manufactured in a number of different models depending upon the totals and the carriage width. The F200 model had 5 totals and was primarily used in banking applications. In those days, banks posted account transactions manually to paper ledger cards. The carriage on the machine in the picture has been unattached from the main body of the machine. It would have been held on by 4 screws. The Sensimatic was a mechanical wonder in it's day and very successful. It was programed by different length pins that were held in a panel in the rear of the machine. The main competition for the Sensimatic was from National Cash Register (NCR). NCR and Burroughs competed head to head for many years. They were both wonderful companies to work for in those days. Pieces of these proud US companies exist today, but only as a shadow of their former greatness. For more information, please feel free to email me."