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Can anyone tell me what the NASM stands for, in Ref: AGA, Geodimeter System Bergstrand Type NASM-1. ? I have a Geodimeter Comp. Sheet which has #NASM on it, dated 1965, used with James W. Sewall Co. Model 6 Geodimeter. You recorded the data on the form, from the dials, then it was an intricate series of computations to get a distance in meters. And it would only measure up to 2000 meters, to measure further, you scaled off how many 2000 meter segments were between the station and the mirrors, so the comp sheet, then add the requsite amount of 2000 meter segments to get the final result. someone really need to fire up one of these and do a youtube on a measurement, as well as Wild T-2 theodolite, before those who used these instruments, are gone for good.