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The picture of the Burroughs Sensimatic show the machine without a moving carriage. The true Sensimatic had a wide moving carriage and was a bookkeeping machine for posting charges and credits to customer accounts on Ledger cards. The name Sensimatic comes from the fact that the underside of the moving carriage had tab stops to align with ledger card columns with each tab stop including a programmable metal strip that the machine sensed at each tab stop to control carriage move and other machine functions. The Sensimatice was so successful that electronics was added in the seventies that allowed it store information electronically and transmit information to other locations such as from an bank teller to a central data center. This was one of the primary passbook teller systems in the seventies and early eighties. I worked for Burroughs Corporation for 10 years and serviced these machines in banks and businesses in Connecticut.