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"My mother had severe asthma, with usually daily attacks. Asthmador was her salvation. She kept a can of it in her purse. If she got it soon enough, it worked wonders; it was less effective if the attack had gotten quite bad before she used it. If we were out on errands, she would pull over the car & get it out, open the door a bit to get more air, put a little powder in the lid of the tin can, ignite it with a wooden match, and inhale the smoke. At home, she'd often do this leaning over the bathroom sink, sometimes also asking me to fan her if it was really bad. It was apparently genetic--her mother had it, and her father, and his mother, then also my brother. That's 5 generations, and we don't know before that. When Asthmador went off the market, it was a real blow. Fortunately, about the same time, there came the Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing machine. After trying it and finding it helped, my doctor/father bought one for his office, a block from home. If she spent 20 minutes a day on it, she was quite clear; if she forgot or got busy and went out on errands without having a treatment first, she would have trouble again."