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"Kaypro introduced at the 2nd annual Computer Show (SF convention center) with a rushed prototype so that the Osborne 1 (which had publicity prior to the show) was not the only 'portable pc' shown to the 10,00 attendies. It pre-dated the ill fated first IBM pc by at least 2 years and was well established in the SF bay area by the time IBM had a real sales model that the public liked. Another note was the perfect software suite included a WP program but Wordstar was sold for nearly every CP/M manufacturer and was FAR more popular (hence the shortcut keys still in use today like ^c, ^v etc). As sales increased they OFFERED wordstar for the kaypro's and was not part of the INCLUDED bundles. I build my first cp/m system starting in 1979 - and worked for several of the pc stores and shops starting in 1980-81. Among the stores were the Digital Deli (mt view - which sold Lee Felenstiens SOL, Apple(s), Osborne, Northstar, Compupro and Cromemco's Morrow Micro Sys and a huge lot of other stuff) and Don's Cupertino computer shop (kaypro, Sequoia and Compaq dealer). My last s-100 was the CCS (calif computer systems) z80b as its bios and compiled core allowed it to use the Morrow multi-disk reading ability for (most) all size related disks.. Alas I gave that system to a high school in the mid 90's. but I do have Many boards disks and systems today. Of real note is FEW cp/m systems prior to 1980 were 'made' with boards and kits averaging at least 50 to one (I got started by FIXING pc boards that individuals soldered up themselves trading my labor for parts/code and help with my first systems). Yes I have some club (sunnyvale computer club which included woz, Lee and others that went on and up) and many many disks boards, even kits never built. In 1979 s-100 had just overtaken the s-80 buss stuff finally (introduced in 75 I think). FYI - lived in Los Altos and worked at AMD on silicon drive (when they had 1 building). Early club meetings were at Dysan auditorium SJ later at HP auditorium (next to stanford).. Palo ALto?In the hills. "