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"Hello, I have eleven - 16 x 16 inch finished quilt blocks from the Rainbow Quilt Block Company, The only one I have been able to absolutely identify so far is the lovely lotus blossom seen in the Olive Bender Quilt. I have the following blocksRosesLotus (yellow - the pattern is identical except the leaves are appliqued)Unknown FlowerPoppiesTulipsIrisMorning GloriesPansies (not quite completed have the original fabric)Unknown FlowerCarnation (missing one leaf applique) CrocusI wanted to know if the blocks were part of a single kit, or if they were purchased individually and the approximate date which seems to be sometime in the 1940s. The hand work is very accomplished on the blocks and I plan to quilt each one and turn them into pillow shams. I am sure that my mom picked these up at a garage sale in Salt Lake City, during the 1990s so I have no idea who made them. Thanks for any information you can offerMaggie"