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Cindy, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your facts are wrong. The 21st Pennsylvania wasn't even engaged on July 1st. Furthermore, they played virtually no role in the Battle of Gettysburg (They aren't even listed on the Pennsylvania Memorial as taking part in the battle.) They were, however, engaged in a minor skirmish on June 26th, and are credited with having the "first" man killed in the Battle of Gettysburg. And, Captain William Holden of Company B, 149th Pennsylvania was not killed in battle either, but resigned or was discharged on December 21, 1864. Lastly, the 149th PA, or "2nd Bucktail Regiment," really weren't crack shots like their predecessors the 13th Pennsylvania Reserves, also known as the 42nd Regiment of the Line, 1st Pennsylvania Rifles, Kane's Rifles, or simply the "Bucktails,"