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I am in awe of Mrs. Powers. Having been brought up since age 5 attending church weekly, I could easily interpret several of the panels., I am appalled that so many people think they need a pattern to make a similar creation. The first quilts I ever remember were made by my great grandmother. Made entirely by hand. Made from scraps, mostly from printed cotton flour sacks. Many of the scraps were only a few inches wide, and all were irregular. That is called a pieced quilt. These pieces were leftover from her hand sewing shorts, shirts and sundresses for us children. She hand made her own dresses some of which were made of yard goods. Her undies were made from bleached flour sacks. She grew up near Mobile, As adult she lived in rural south Mississippi. Her little house had 1 main room and a small kitchen. She died in 1966. Does not sound like much had changed here in the deep South in the 80 odd years since Mrs Powers made her quilt and My great grannie making the most beautiful thing I ever owned. I used my quilt from childhood until well into adulthood. I am trying to say, although one was black and one was white, they were both very poor. They did not have patterns. Creative minds do not need patterns. I know they are both in Heaven and must be friends.