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"Hello; I love this museum and have visited it several times; this part of our American History fascinates me and I am a big fan of our First President. I'm not a historian, but I like reading about him, the Revolutionary War and how the Army moved from place to place. I'm in awe of the logistics, and Washington's tenacity and use of intelligence from the field. I would like to know more about Washington's physical size-he was tall, but what kind of body size and type would you say he was based on measurements from his clothing? Were his family members tall? Robust? What was his shoe/boot size? I am interested in his commanding presence-would he have been as effective a leader had he been a shorter or fatter man? We can only speculate. The uniform speaks volumes about his leadership style and I was humbled in its presence the first time I saw it. That he specifically had this made---tells a lot about his insights into being a leader as well. Thank you for the opportunity to as a question that has been on my mind a long time. Best Regards, Deb "