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In my research, I cam across a book entitled: "An Arrangement of Tradesmen's Cards, Political Tokens, Election Medals, Medalets, Etc. Current in the United States of America for the Last Sixty Years, Described From the Originals in the Collection of the Author, With Engravings" - by Charles Bushnell, dated 1857/1857 In this book, on page 25, this token is listed as item No 55. The obverse is described as follows: ' A profile Bust of President Pierce,in citizen's dress, facing tot he right. "E. Lyon, 424 Broadway, New York." ' Mormon Bias Further research has shown that Emanuel Lyon was anti-Mormon and very political as shown in this article: I do believe that the token is probably dated from 1856, and indeed has a picture of President Franklin Pierce on the obverse, Most likely because Mr. Lyon was a supporter of President Pierce (because of his similar political views) and that would have been the year that Pierce ran for re-election.