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"Soon after we moved to a small village in far south western Minnesota in 1943, my mother bought me a bike she called a Victory bicycle. It fit the description on the website; skinny tires, bare frame, painted handlebars, no chain guard - which caused me no end of torn pants until I learned the roll my pant legs up religiously. It served me well until 1948 when my soon-to-be step-father bought me a new fancy Schwinn. There was one other marked difference between the other kids bikes and mine - the coaster brake assembly. All the other bikes had New Departure brakes; mine had one by Harrow (who ever they were). The New Departure used a series of thin steel disks (maybe 17?) half fixed to the wheel and movable and half fixed to the axle and unmovable. One stopped by squeezing the disks together increasing the friction. The Harrow was a completely different system. It had a cylindrical shoe that was fixed to the axle and could be expanded to press against the cylindrical drum holding the wheel. I took considerable ragging because of the "funny " bike."