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"My mother is 84. She had told me her mother and father had gone to live in Missouri years ago when she was little. When I asked her "why " she said this. The Harris family had a home in Sayner, Wisconsin back then. Her father did handyman carpentry work and her mother did all the laundry and ironing for the family as well. She mentioned the "Lucky Tiger " Hair Tonic the family was known for. The Harris family went back down to Kansas City and asked them all to come with them and continue to work for them. She didn't remember how long they lived there, but she said they had their own farmhouse. They returned to Wisconsin in time because the heat she said was unbearable and my grandfather was a huge fisherman and loved to hunt. I am 58 yrs old and had never heard the "Lucky Tiger " story, It's amazing her memory is still good. I only wish I had more info as far as what the approximate dates were when they were with the family. Thanks for letting me share!"