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"These comments are all so interesting as the 1401 was always a favorite of my family. My grandfather, E.J.Voss, worked for the Southern Railroad in Louisiana, and was transferred to Washington, D.C., in the 1930s, where he worked in the offices. Reading H.Ray's comments about his father being in charge of the moving of the 1401 was great to read. My grandfather was also involved with her move--only he was handling things in the offices. It is really interesting to see the great team it took to move this "Queen of the Tracks", to her home in the Smithsonian, where all of America can enjoy her beauty & majesty. Grandpa retired shortly after the moving of the 1401, but I cannot ever think of him, or her, without thinking of the other. We often refer to the 1401 as "Grandpa's " train, because of his close relationship with it."