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"Hi There, In doing some research on a Snider's condiment bottle associated with KLGO in Skagway, AK, I came across some information on the T.A. Snider company that you may be interested in. On page 450 in Bottle Makers and Their Marks, 1971 Julian Toulouse, Thomas Nelson Inc., it says T.A. Snider Co. grew out of Mrs. Snider's home business. "Mrs. Snider's home business was the product of the wife of Reverend T.A. Snider, in that effort to gain a little better living than a circuit-riding minister could achieve. Her first product was catsup. " Further, in doing a search on line I found the following from Pure Ketchup: A History of America's National Condiment, with Recipes, Andrew F. Smith, Univ of South Carolina Press, 1996 - House & Home, page 40, "Snider's ketchup recipe was based on a formula developed by his wife, who had kept a boarding house and became 'famous for the excellence of her preserved food' ". Just wanting to give a little credit to Mrs. Snider, who, sadly doesn't even get a first name in this story. Thanks! Tekla"