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"First, I want to mention how glad I am to have found this reference to Asthmador/Asthmador cigarettes; I was beginning to think I had imagined their existence!As a small child in the early 1950s, I well remember my mother gasping for breath during one of her acute asthma attacks; it was frightening to watch, even from my limited child's comprehension of what was happening. The only thing relieving her symptoms were her Asthmador cigarettes! She would light one up, inhale the smoke, and her labored breathing would gradually return to normal. ~ As an aside anecdote, inexplicably there were times when Mother did not have any of her special medicinal cigarettes. Of course, I was to realize later that was because we were [financially] very poor. My father had just recently entered the ministry and could not afford them. When money was available, sometimes Mother would take me and we would walk miles n' miles* down to the corner drug store for a small, square box of Asthmador cigarettes. *OK, maybe it was more like a few blocks but to short toddler legs, it was a looong way! I did not mind though. Such an adventure! Plus I had her all to myself (no big brother or sister demanding her attention) and on one visit, the man at the store even gave me a piece of penny candy! Ahhh . . . God is good :) Anyway, to continue. In addition to witnessing first hand the "miraculous " benefit of these cigarettes, I also remember their pungent smell - not necessarily unpleasant but very distinct. I am unsure why that particular odor made such an impression on me, yet apparently lingering in the recesses of my brain for many years, My olfactory receptors twitched anew in recognition when I had occasion to smell marijuana for the first time while in college in the early 1970s (No, I was not the one smoking it!). Then oddly enough, once more a few years later when I was seated "downwind " of 2 teens caught smoking weed in the back of the movie theater. The unmistakable smell of marijuana and my best recollection of those Asthmador cigarettes were the same!! Honestly I would swear to it except the idea seems so far-fetched.Is it possible or merely a "fractured olfactory memory "? Could Asthmador's active ingredients, stramonium and belladonna, be the same as/similar to the hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain also named belladonna, producing the same odor? Obviously I have no way of replicating a comparison study so can anyone confirm or debunk my suspicion? Truly, my mother would roll over in her grave at the very thought of being the "pot-smokin' minister's wife and mama of 3 young!! " "