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"In the late 1960's I spent a lot of time at a local riding stable. A horse came down with "strangles " and was near death, unable to breathe from massive head congestion. Antibiotics seemed to have no effect (it may be a viral illness-I'm not sure). Anyhow, horses cannot breathe through their mouths, so this was a desperate condition. The stable owners, who used a vet but also a wide range of old-time remedies, put some Asthmador in the bottom of a five gallon bucket, lit it, and held it under the horse's nose. In seconds, the horse was plunging his head into the bucket, taking deep gulping breaths. Seconds later, thick green mucous came pouring out of his nose and we had to move the bucket to keep from putting the smoldering powder out. Whatever the good or bad of the ingredients, the immediate effect was miraculous. "