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"Dear Sir,Thank you for your website, that are on-line, and is possible to have a knoledge abouth your collection. I live in Funchal (City), Island Madeira in Portugal, and about this Portuguese Guitar, I woul like to refere that The Maker is Matheus Januário da Silva (Born 1878, and died in 1919). He learn the Making of Musical Instruments, in Lisbon, but after that worked in Funchal Madeira.Francisco Gabriel Correa, was the boss of the "LOJA " (Shop), not maker. I think that this instrument was made c. 1890 - 1900 .So:Object name - Portuguese GuitarDate made - 1890-1900Maker - Matheus Januário da Silva (1878-1919)Place Made - Funchal (City) Madeira Island (Autonumous region) PortugalWe have in Madeira a museuam that have a few instruments by this maker. If you can send me an email adress, I can make a scan of a catalog that I have.I am a professional musician, and have a big passion abouth musical instruments. I have a personal project wit a few friends about madeiran musical instruments ancesters of Ukulele.www.museuapa.comYou can see my instruments, more...Please let me know if you receivd my comments.Thank you in advanceYoursNorberto Gomes"