Getting COBOL to Run (page 2 of 3)

Getting COBOL to Run (page 2 of 3)


Programmers at RCA used an RCA 501 computer. By summer 1960, both the teams were writing COBOL programs. In December 1960, the same COBOL procedures ran successfully on both a UNIVAC II computer and the RCA machine. Printouts from the test programs, as they ran at RCA, were bound and preserved. Over the next few years, many computer companies developed versions of COBOL for their machines. From this beginning, the language spread widely.

Magnetic Tape with COBOL Compiler used in Test Program Run at UNIVAC, December, 1960

Transfer from US Department of Defense

RCA 501 Tape Station

Gift of Connecticut General Life Insurance

Portion of RCA 501 COBOL Printout , August, 1960

Courtesy of Howard Bromberg

Printout from COBOL Test Programs Run December 6, 1960 at RCA

Courtesy of Howard Bromberg

RCA 501 COBOL Narrator Users Primer, 1960

Gift of Peter Z. Ingerman

IBM General Information Manual COBOL, 1961

Gift of George W. Tuite