Episode 5: Intersectionality Re-rooted

Intersectionality Re-rooted


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Episode Notes

What is intersectionality and how does it help us understand the way oppression works in society? In this episode, Crystal and Krystal discuss the concept of intersectionality as defined by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw and the longer history of its usage. Guests Raquel Willis, Barbara Smith, and Dr. Duchess Harris help enrich our understanding of where the concept came from and the way it has evolved over time.

Photo (above): Grassroots march for Gay Pride with emphasis on Black Lives and Trans Lives. Organized by Brave Space Alliance, The National Trans March, Gay Liberation Network, CAARPR in Chicago, IL on June 28, 2020. Photo by Antoine McMullen/Shutterstock.com.

Production Credit

The podcast is produced in partnership with Smithsonian Enterprises Digital. Our production team is Jenna Hanchard, Taylor Polydore, Ann Conanan, and Alana Gomez. Special thanks to Dr. Modupe Labode and Dr. Tony Perry. 


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