Value of Broad Education

Higher Education

Choosing a Career

Working for IBM

IBM Values

Changing Focus from Hardware to Software

Entering the Software Business

An Unlikely Entrepreneur

Building the new Company--and Industry

Evolution of Database Management

Managing Limitations to Product Development

Linking CINCOM Software to Available Hardware

Expanding beyond the IBM Market

Making software independent from hardware

Difficulties in Migrating the Products

Choosing how to expand the Product Line

Issues in Managing CINCOM's Growth

Building a Business in Cincinnati


Importance of Staff Retention

CINCOM's Response to Growth of the Software Industry

Importance of Digital Equipment Corporation to CINCOM

Software begins to Overshadow Hardware

CINCOM Didn't Abandon the Mainframe

Comparing Digital to IBM

Role of Research and Development at CINCOM

R&D--Customer Driven or Visionary?

Managing the Company in Different Eras

Learning from Mistakes

Risk versus Stability

Future Directions for CINCOM