Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation

The Lemelson Center engages, educates and empowers the public to participate in technological, economic and social change. The Center undertakes historical research, develops educational initiatives, creates exhibitions, and hosts public programming to advance new perspectives on invention and innovation and to foster interactions between the public and inventors.

Current Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions


  • Society for the History of Technology’s 2016 Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits for Places of Invention.
  • Spark!Lab Inventor’s Studio kit is a winner of the Summer 2016 Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award.
  • Web Marketing Association’s 2015 Best Education Website Award for the new Lemelson Center website.
  • National Museum of American History’s 2013 Peer Award for Risk-Taking for the Lemelson Center’s Innoskate team.
  • American Association of Museums (AAM) 2003 Excellence in Exhibition Award for Invention at Play
  • AAM 2003 MUSE Gold Medal Award for History and Interpretation for the Invention at Play website
  • Smithsonian Education Achievement Award (2004) for Innovative Lives program

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Senior Historian and Website Manager

Jeffrey Brodie

Deputy Director

Nyssa Buning

Spark!Lab Facilitator

Zach Etsch

Spark!Lab Floor Manager

Laura Havel

Public Affairs Specialist

Kaye Hawkins

Support Specialist

Sharon Klotz

Head of Invention Education
Project Curator
Director Emeritus

Caroline Morales

Spark!Lab Facilitator

Abigail Phelps

Program Assistant
Interpretive Exhibits Inventor
Head of Exhibitions and Interpretation