Exploring Food History Together

Through research, collections, exhibitions, and programs, the American Food History Project at the National Museum of American History invites everyone to join the conversation about food history and why it matters. By exploring diverse and compelling stories of American food history, we can discover together the roles we play in understanding the past and shaping the future of food. 

Developments in 2021 include: 

  • 25 at 25: Food Fund for the Future—a new fundraising initiative to continue the work of the American Food History Project, now celebrating its 25th anniversary. 
  • A bequest of $4 million by Warren and Barbara Winiarski to establish a permanent position for a curator of food and wine history. 
  • A paid internship program to provide mentoring and professional learning experiences to candidates from communities that are underrepresented in the museum and food history fields.
  • New virtual Cooking Up History demonstrations throughout summer 2021, each featuring a guest and the museum’s food historian preparing a dish and exploring the history and tradition behind it.

To learn more, check out the collections below as well as the programs and research in the side menu. Be sure to sign up for our food history email newsletter for all the latest happenings. Cheers!


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As a little girl, Jessica Govea had become accustomed to rising early and making her way to the fields with her family. During the cotton season, you could find her family dragging sacks of cotton along the long rows of fields in Kern County, California.

Chef Lena Richard and others filming a television segment
Lena Richard was an African American chef who built a culinary empire in New Orleans during the Jim Crow era. She reshaped public understanding of New Orleans’ cuisine, but her story has never been given its proper due.
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