I Voted, Did You?

Each election year a wealth of buttons and stickers are worn by Americans celebrating their vote and urging others to go to the polls.

Placard, Don’t Talk Politics in Here if You Are Not Registered

Grow Up to Vote

A coloring book encourages young Floridians to vote when they grow up.

Gift of Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections

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Bumper sticker, If You Don’t Vote You Don’t Count

Bumper sticker, Registered Voters Make Better Lovers

Strength in Numbers

Advocates for a wide variety of constituencies and causes work to build a sense of community among like-minded voters and encourage them to turn out on Election Day. High voter participation can make a group a force to be reckoned with and can pressure politicians to pay attention to their concerns.

Stickers, APIA Vote 2000

Voting buttons

Voting buttons

Bumper sticker, Your Car is Registered How about You?

Bumper sticker, Su Voto es Su Voz

Bumper sticker, The-One-Two Punch

Let Us Help You Vote

Advocacy groups and public service organizations, as well as state and local election offices, work to register, educate, and assist voters.

Poster, Don’t Vote in the Dark

Poster, Don’t Vote in the Dark

Sign, Voter Registration Applications

Voter Registration Handbook

Placard, You can Register and Vote at the Polls on Election Day/Rock the Vote

Button, State NAACP Voter Coordinator

Button, National Voter Registration Drive

The buttons, stickers, signs, and manuals in this case are gifts of Art Display Service Inc.; Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote; Bernice Baer; Janine Kemp Bertram; Russell K. Cashdollar; Cleveland H. Dent; Jo Freeman; Norma D. Hoffman; Robert P. Kunst; League of Women Voters Education Fund; NAACP; John C. Olsen; Mabel Owen; Sylvia Raphael; Rock the Vote; Service Employees International Union; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wilson Library, Southern Historical Collection; Voter’s Education Program, Inc.; and Women's Vote Project; Transfer from Library of Congress