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The Furnishings

The Furnishings

The Miniature World of Faith Bradford

The Library. The Dolls’ House reflects a world of associations and social relationships that were real and important to its creator
Faith Bradford purchased miniatures in Washington-area toy and specialty stores, and received others as gifts. She also imaginatively contrived some necessities—buttons became stacked dinner plates in the pantry, and matchsticks became shelved books in the library.
Local stores donated wallpapers. A friend contributed ceramic bathtubs made by a potter, and a model maker produced a tiny goldfish aquarium and water-filled bowls for the Doll family pets.
From parts of electric plugs she made ceiling fixtures for the nursery and nurse’s room.

Faith Bradford acquaints a young visitor with the Dolls’ House in 1966, courtesy the Washington Star

Bradford frequently visited the National Museum to check on the Dolls’ House, returning for semiannual “house cleanings” when the model was rolled out of its case for close inspection. During December cleaning visits, brush Christmas wreathes from the attic were hung for the holidays.