The Tour - Ground Floor

The Tour - Ground Floor

The Miniature World of Faith Bradford

Dining Room

The weathered oak furniture in the room was popular at the beginning of the 20th Century. Cut glass sparkles in the china cupboard and a spoon holder rests on the table.


In a house of this period, the kitchen is a large room. The stove is a coal-and-gas combination with the hot water bottle beside it. A set of 1900-style scales rests on top of the cabinet.


This room is equipped to handle the laundry needs of a large family. The hand-turned wringer, tubs, ironing board, and irons are at the ready.

Butler's Pantry

This room is lined with cupboards and cabinets containing the family china, silver, and glass. It is evident from the dress of Gadsby, the butler, that evening is approaching.


This room contains shelves of stores and food. Martha, the cook, is examining food in the ice chest refrigerator. An ice cream freezer stands in the corner, and a new “Hoover” amid the cleaning supplies.