The Tour - Third Floor

The Tour - Third Floor

The Miniature World of Faith Bradford

Day Nursery

Christopher rides the rocking horse while twins Carol and Lucy play with dolls. The children’s toys and books, as well as implements for a tea party or a bedtime snack, are kept here.

Children's Bathroom

With so many children to bathe, Mrs. Doll installed an old-fashioned “towel horse,” excellent for holding many towels. Her work finished, chambermaid Christina Young is going downstairs.

Night Nursery

Ann and David are admiring the cat, “Mrs. Peerie,” while Nurse McNab waits to tuck David into his cradle. Carol and Lucy sleep together in the big bed, and Ann has her own little bed.

Nurse's Room

Golden oak furniture in the nurse’s room is typical of the style and period of the house.

Alice's Room

A little girl’s first room of her own, this pink bedroom holds a beautifully lettered child’s prayer, a cherished possession hanging over Alice’s bed.