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Documents preserved at the National Park Service's Edison National Historic Site at West Orange have been the basic source for most recent Edison studies. Many of these documents are being reproduced in microfilm and book publications by The Edison Papers Project at Rutgers University.

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison:

  • Volume 1: The Making of an Inventor, February 1847–June 1873 (1989)
  • Volume 2: From Workshop to Laboratory, June 1873–March 1876 (1991)
  • Volume 3: Menlo Park: The Early Years, April 1876–December 1877 (1994)
  • Volume 4: The Wizard of Menlo Park, 1878 (1998)
  • Volume 5: Research to Development at Menlo Park, Jan. 1879–March 1881 (2004)
  • Volume 6: Electrifying New York and Abroad, April 1881–March 1883 (2007)
  • Volume 7: Losses and Loyalties, April 1883–December 1884 (2011)
  • Volume 8: New Beginnings, January 1885–December 1887 (2016)

Book-length studies of Edison include:

  • Matthew Josephson, Edison (1959)
  • Robert Conot, A Streak of Luck (1979)
  • Bernard Finn, Robert Friedel, Edison: Lighting a Revolution, exhibition catalog (1979)
  • Wyn Wachhorst, Thomas Edison: An American Myth (1985)
  • Robert Friedel, Paul Israel, with Bernard Finn, Edison's Electric Light: The Biography of an Invention (1985)
  • William Pretzer (editor), Working at Invention: Thomas A. Edison and the Menlo Park Experience (1989)
  • Andre Millard, Edison and the Business of Innovation (1990)
  • Martin Melosi, Thomas A. Edison and the Modernization of America (1990)
  • Neil Baldwin, Edison: Inventing The Century (1995)
  • Paul Israel, Edison: A Life of Invention (1998)

Children's books include:

  • Margaret Cousins, The Story of Thomas Alva Edison (1981)
  • Carol Greene, Thomas Alva Edison, Bringer of Light (1985)
  • Scott R. Welvaert, Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb (2007)


  • Chiba Museum of Science and Industry, Onitaka, Ichikawa, Japan
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Ft. Myers, FL
  • Edison Birthplace Museum, Milan, OH
  • Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, NJ
  • Edison Memorial Tower and Menlo Park Museum, Menlo Park, NJ
  • Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI
  • Inventure Place: the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Akron, OH
  • National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
  • Science and Technology Museum, (Science University of Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan
  • Thomas Edison Depot Museum, Port Huron, MI
  • Thomas Edison House, Louisville, KY

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