Celebrity Icon

By the 1970s and 1980s, Fitzgerald was an icon sought by advertisers such as Continental Airlines, Jim Beam bourbon, Memorex recording tape, and American Express. Breaking through racial barriers, she was one of the first African American female celebrities to appear in advertising aimed at a general audience.

Suit, skirt, & hat

Fitzgerald wore this outfit for her final commercial campaign for American Express. Don Loper designed the suit and skirt.

Magazine advertisements
around 1975 and 1987
In demand as a celebrity, Fitzgerald promoted Memorex recording tape and the American Express card.
Credit card
Fitzgerald, a celebrity spokesperson for the company, carried her own American Express card.
This poster features a portrait of Fitzgerald by Pablo Picasso, created with only a few strokes of his pen.


Fitzgerald modeled for a photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz in Beverly Hills, California. This photo was used in American Express card advertising.

Gift of Annie Leibovitz Studio (through Julie Jordan)