American Democracy

Talking back with girl power

Six cards with visitor messages that invoke girl power.

Of service and thanks: Collecting after January 6

Eight insignia patches decorated with symbols, including elk, moons, swords, and stars.

Meet Anna Dickinson: Trailblazing orator and political firebrand

Anna Dickinson, seated

Clifford Berryman and the Teddy Roosevelt African Expedition

Cartoon illustration of the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall buried underneath stacks of crates and barrels marked with the initials, "TR."

The cold morning of the day after

Photo of the Capitol Building from the National Mall, with a person in a military uniform walking in the foreground

Isabella Aiukli Cornell makes prom political

Isabella Aiukli Cornell’s prom dress

The monument that created Columbus

Medal with Christopher Columbus

Five things to listen for during a presidential debate

Debate chairs from the 1960 election

"They called me 'race traitor'": Joan Trumpauer Mulholland's lifetime of resistance

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

John Lewis and Good Trouble