The American Presidency

Clifford Berryman and the Teddy Roosevelt African Expedition

Cartoon illustration of the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall buried underneath stacks of crates and barrels marked with the initials, "TR."

Radium and the Gift from the Women of America

Group of people led by Dr. Marie Curie and President Harding walking down steps at the White House

Theodore Roosevelt, Hunter-Naturalist

Theodore Roosevelt on a beach

Five things to listen for during a presidential debate

Debate chairs from the 1960 election

Thinking about impeachment like a historian

The Washington Monument: A view from the museum

Pink marble fragment

Remembering Robert Kennedy

Political campaign buttons with slogans from Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign

What connects Abraham Lincoln and vampires? Bram Stoker, of course.

Bronze Abraham Lincoln life mask on white background

Artifacts of assassination, Pt. 2

Rectangular piece of tile with geometric shapes in various colors: black, white, red, yellow, and pink

Artifacts of assassination, Pt. 1

Weathered top hat