Object Project

Postwar potluck: Grilling out, convenience cooking, and other 1950s food trends

Becoming "Louise the Wheelwoman"

Black and white photograph of a woman posing, unsmiling, with a bicycle

Parties for plastic: How women used Tupperware to participate in business

Photograph of Wonderlier Tupperware set, 1954

Wheelwoman "Louise" rolls into the museum

Photo of the actor playing Louise, standing next to her bicycle. Setting is outdoors with tree and bush in background.

A taste of wartime rationing in 1940s product cookbooks

Cover of "Recipes for Today" cookbook, with an illustration of a woman wearing a read and white dress and carrying a large bowl of soup

Watching the Super Bowl like it's 1967

Small television with handle and turquoise frame around screen, which is slightly curved

Learning about historical innovations through a classic American game show

Visitors playing "The Price is Right" at the museum

Not just a cool convenience: How electric refrigeration shaped the "cold chain"

1930s General Electric Monitor Top refrigerator

Tasting the 1930s: An experiment with congealed salads and other one-dish wonders

1930s potluck spread

Bicycles have changed, but fellowship remains

High wheel bicycle race in Frederick, Maryland