Artifact Walls - Toys from the Attic

Artifact walls, consisting of 275 linear feet of glass-fronted cases lining the first and second floor center core, highlight the depth and breadth of the collections and convey that the Museum collects, studies and exhibits objects from our nation's rich and diverse history. The display is part of the special cases within the museum’s Artifact Walls that highlight anniversaries, new acquisitions to the collections and research findings.
About this case
Toys reflect changes in both technology and society. This special case within the museum’s artifact walls examines the toys produced in 19th-century America, when childhood began to be seen as a distinct stage of life with its own unique needs. Toys featured in the case include dolls, kitchen and housewares, hand tools and educational games and toys. These were all intended to entertain, educate and prepare children for adult work. The case also looks at early toy marketing.