Past Exhibitions

Ballet costume worn by Marianna Tcherkassky

American Ballet

Closed June 18, 2017
Adaptive motocross racer Mike Schultz rides during an event

Everyone Plays!

Closed March 26, 2017
Universal Kitchen book cover

Access! Everyone! Everywhere!

Closed March 23, 2017
the Noire Marine Atlas

The Norie Atlas and the Guano Trade

Closed January 29, 2017
Circus toy

Toys and Childhood

Closed January 22, 2017
Phyllis Diller's joke file

Laughing Matters

Closed January 22, 2017
Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit puppets from Captain Kangaroo

Puppets & Muppets

Closed January 22, 2017
Photo of Hooray for Politics exhibit

Hooray for Politics!

Closed November 15, 2016
Glass blower

Artifact Walls - Science Under Glass

Closed September 18, 2016
Prince's "Yellow Cloud" electric guitar, 1989

Prince Memorium Case

Closed September 5, 2016
Signing of the Hart-Celler Act

Hart-Celler Act

Closed May 5, 2016