Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration

Picturing Words

This exhibition showcases the richness of illustrated books through history. Pictures influence, inform and inspire in many ways. They add beauty, color and life to the printed page, offering a feast for the eye as well as food for the mind. Visitors may explore the power of pictures through 40 featured rare books from the Smithsonian Libraries' collections in science, history and art, as well as objects from the Museum’s Graphic Arts Division.
Online Exhibition
Pictures reach audiences more directly than text alone. They communicate the author’s tone and approach to the subject, and enhance our understanding and enjoyment of the text. Illustrations explain complicated ideas at a glance and even teach those who cannot read. Pictures add beauty, color, and life to the printed page. They engage us, prompt our imagination, and appeal to readers and non-readers alike. Explore the power of pictures.  Visit Web site