Really BIG Money

Resplendent Quetzal bird, Guatemala, collected around 1923
Resplendent Quetzal bird, Guatemala, collected around 1923. Gift of The Honorable Charles E. Hughes

Really BIG Money is an exciting new money gallery for children. It features some of the world’s largest and most surprising monetary objects. Big in size, quantity, or denomination, each piece can help children learn about the world around them, including communities and cultures, the natural environment, political leaders, and the process of exchange. Highlights include the long tail feathers of a Resplendent Quetzal bird, a 31-pound Swedish copper plate, and a coin head made from 165 Roman coins.

Aligned to elementary social studies learning standards, Really BIG Money teaches children about world cultures and supports the development of financial literacy. It also promotes creative thinking through a blend of object investigations and interactive experiences throughout the gallery. Visitors can measure themselves next to a five-foot seven-inch currency blade and see their own faces on money through customized mirrors. Play the gallery’s “Match the Money” game online or while visiting the gallery. Match all of the objects and unlock a magical animation showing a flying quetzal bird traveling the world through banknotes!

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Can't visit the museum to see Really BIG Money? Explore the featured objects and see related educational materials on the exhibition website.

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