Visitors surround a giant American flag at the museum


Roots to Pop

The Roots to Pop program series, developed in partnership between the Americana Music Foundation and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, explores the social history of American music. Through a series of events exploring the vernacular musical traditions that form Americana—or Roots music—viewers learn about their development and interrelationships, how contemporary musical artists draw from them, and how those traditions are steeped in both triumphant and deeply challenging histories.


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Krystal Klingenberg, Allison Russell, and Taj Mahal

Women's History

Understanding women’s history is integral to understanding the American experience. Although often underrepresented in recorded histories, women helped build the United States of America of today and women will help shape the United States of America of the future. Visit our topic page to explore the historical resources our museum has to offer.


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Yellow and black wagon decorated with woman suffrage slogans
Woman suffrage wagon, 1870s–1920