Detail of Benjamin Franklin, from a print based on Mason Chamberlin's oil portrait

The Electric Dr. Franklin

On View 2 Center

The Electric Dr. Franklin showcase explores the founding father's pioneering contributions to electrical science and features objects connecting his experiments to the technology of today, including the smartphone. Objects on view include a static-generating glass rod and fur pad; a static electricity generator based on Franklin’s design; and one of the Leyden jars he used in his experiments.

About the Artifact Walls

Artifact walls and History Highlights displays highlight the depth and breadth of the collections in hundreds of linear feet of glass-front cases lining the center of each floor. They reflect the museum’s core mission to collect, study, and exhibit objects from our nation’s rich and diverse history.

View of the exhibit in the museum

This History Highlights case is generously supported by Linda Meer and Ed Falkowitz.