People playing a baseball game


In the Barrios and the Big Leagues / En los barrios y las grandes ligas

Closed January 2, 2023

For nearly a century, baseball has been a crucial social and cultural force in Latino communities across the United States. And, for just as long, Latino/a players have had a huge impact on the game. ¡Pleibol! examined how generations of Latinos/as have helped make the game what it is today. From youth and community teams to the Major League, the exhibition revealed how baseball brings people together regardless of race, class, or gender. These inspirational baseball stories reflect larger themes in American history that connect us all, on and off the diamond.

Exhibition Website

The exhibition's companion website (coming soon) gives visitors the opportunity to experience many of the objects and stories featured in ¡Pleibol!, and offers a selection of historical artifacts as high-resolution, narrated 3D scans.

Traveling Exhibition

Beginning in 2021, a touring version of ¡Pleibol! integrates themes and stories from the museum exhibtion with regional content, supplemented by engaging multimedia experiences.

Future venues include Irving, TX; Temple, TX; Tucson, AZ; Eau Claire, WI; Hartford, CT; Palm Coast, FL; and Greeley, CO. Visit the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service website for schedules and more information.

Additional Resources

  • The exhibition's companion book pairs artifacts from the museum’s collections with voices from the community of players, scholars, and enthusiasts who have contributed to sharing this quintessential American story. The book's stories take readers on a journey into the heart and history of Latina/o baseball. 
  • A set of interactive 3D models of artifacts from the National Collection feature bilingual virtual tours, augmented reality functionality for smartphones, and a number of other exciting capabilities. 
  • A bilingual Learning Lab collection for K-12 students features a number of stories, artifacts, and photos from the ¡Pleibol! exhibition accompanied by thinking routines and engagement activities designed by education professionals.