Collage of four photographic portraits

(re)Framing Conversations

Photographs by Richard Avedon 1946-1965

On View 3 West Marcia and Frank Carlucci Hall of Culture and the Arts

(re)Framing Conversations: Photographs by Richard Avedon 1946-1965 explores the power and impact of post-WWII magazine photography through iconic portraits. Six thematic sections totaling twenty photographs are accompanied by thought provoking questions, visual and textual background, quotes, and opportunities to explore magazines of the period. Themes framed by questions posed by Avedon and his subjects continue to resonate today. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to reflect on their role in shaping culture today.

This exhibition is made possible by generous support from Judy and Leonard Lauder, with additional funding from Marcia and Frank Carlucci and the William Talbott Hillman Foundation.