This page lists major research and outreach projects currently underway at the National Museum of American History.

Chicanas Changing History

Blue flower with white text in the middle that reads "The First 100". Behind the flower are pink, green, and orange flowers in front of a gradient blue background.

This Chicanas Changing History initiative documents how, over the last 50 years, Chicana historians have transformed the way we do and understand history, as well as who is included in U.S. history.


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Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like

Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like with artistic rendering of organizers

The Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like video series explores the experiences of organizers working in today's undocumented movement, documenting history as it happens.

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Smithsonian Jazz

Musicians play their instruments onstage at the museum

Through world-class collections, scholarship, concerts, exhibitions, and programs, Smithsonian Jazz at the National Museum of American History explores and celebrates the American experience through the transformative power of jazz.

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Time Trials

An actor portraying Benedict Arnold speaks to an audience

How should history remember Benedict Arnold? John Brown? In the Time Trials video series, students act as jurors in the Court of Public History. Watch as controversial figures in history discuss their actions and use the videos to debate their legacy.

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