Girl Scout Goodies


The Girl Scouts are coming! If you have been reading this blog, you know that we are officially very ready for you, and have a wonderful exhibit filled with objects relating to the history of scouting. You probably also know that several Smithsonian museums, and others around town, have great exhibits and programs developed just for the “Girl Scouts Rock the Mall” celebration on June 9.

But did you know we sell a multi-pack of lip balm in each of the cookie flavors, or that we have a reprint of How Girls Can Help Their Country: Handbook for the Girl Scouts, originally published in 1913? Be sure to put shopping on your “to do” list if you come to the Mall for the celebration.

GS merch

The Smithsonian stores are always filled with wonderful merchandise, and our visitors love to take home a memory. As we prepared for the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall event, we realized how special the event was and made sure that our selection would be not only fun, but meaningful, too.

GS_store_displayWe have several books—biographies of Juliette Gordon Low, histories of the Girl Scouts, and a beautifully illustrated commemorative album. Visitors who come on Sunday will have a chance to get a personally autographed copy of Here Come the Girl Scouts! by Shana Corey. She will be signing books at the National Portrait Gallery from 12 noon-2 PM and the American History Museum from 3:30-5 PM. Do you aspire to be an author yourself? We have a terrific blank journal with a colorful Girl Scout cover. You can start writing your own book right now!

Jewelry lovers get to choose among trefoil earrings, charms, and necklaces. There is also a colorful watch. If you want to design your own wearable souvenir, you can create a personalized dog tag.

There is a lot more—from totes to t-shirts, pencils to patches. Collecting patches and badges has been an integral part of Girl Scouting from the start (visit our exhibit just outside the store to find out where patches were sewn before there were sashes). The exhibit has other Girl Scout paraphernalia such as a camera and pocket knife. Do you think something you buy now could be in a museum for the 2112 bicentennial of the Girl Scouts?

Kathy Sklar is the business program manager at NMAH. As a girl, she was a Bluebird and a Camp Fire Girl.