Now we're really rolling

By Dana Allen-Greil

I would normally be a bit grumpy about waking up at 5:00 am for work—but not today. This morning—at “dawn’s early light,” you might say—I felt unusually energized . . . and I wasn’t the only one. At 6:45 am I arrived at the museum and joined staffers and media crews in hard hats gathering around a huge, stainless steel crate. At 30 feet long, the container made its presence known—although its steely exterior didn’t provide any hints about the treasure resting safely inside.

So what were all these people here to see so early in the morning? The Star-Spangled Banner, carefully rolled up inside its crate, was to be delivered from the conservation lab where it has been housed since 1999 to its new permanent home in the center of the museum. Moving this national icon marked a major milestone in the museum’s transformation and reminded us all that we’re literally rolling into the final weeks before our reopening on November 21.

Take a look at the video and hear what Jeffrey Brodie, project manager for the Star-Spangled Banner exhibition, has to say about what will happen next as the museum gets ready to unveil the new gallery. Stay tuned!

Dana Allen-Greil is the museum's new media project manager.