Civic Season June 19 to July 4

Civic Season

Each year, from Juneteenth to the Fourth of July, we recognize Civic Season. During these summer weeks, we join with hundreds of thousands of people from communities across the country, brought together by a call to learn about their community history, participate in activities taking place there, and volunteer to make their community and the nation a more perfect union. 

We invite you to visit our museum, explore our nation’s history, and learn about your role in today’s society.

Civic Season is Made By Us

Since 2017, the National Museum of American History has been part of a network known as Made By Us, the partnership that founded the new tradition of Civic Season. Now numbering 400+ museums, historic sites, libraries, and archives, Made By Us facilitates co-creation between Gen Z and cultural institutions, ensuring that today’s young adults can access trusted sources of information on democracy to pursue historically informed civic action.