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The museum produces podcasts and video content that both share the stories of individual women who have made significant contributions to American society and explore women's historical experiences in the United States more broadly.




A project of the museum's African American History Curatorial Collective, the first season of this new podcast focuses on Black Feminism. This six-episode series demonstrates how Black feminist activists and thinkers have influenced mainstream thought and how their work is relevant today.

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Sidedoor: A Podcast from the Smithsonian

This podcast features collections and staff perspectives from across the Smithsonian Institution to tell diverse stories, including those of American women. Some episodes featuring women include:

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American Culture and Communities

The videos below show how women and girls have participated in and shaped American culture.

Latinas Talk Latinas/ Latinas hablan de Latinas

Banner for the Latinas Talk Latinas series featuring 10 black and white photographs of women featured in the series.

This series introduces viewers to the lives of 10 Latinas, as told by curators, scientists, and educators across the Smithsonian. Join them as they explore stories of labor organizing, fashion, music, science exploration, performance, and art that have shaped the United States.

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Girlhood (It's complicated) Educational Series

Framed multicolor illustration depicting girls from different eras on the left with the title "Girlhood (It's complicated)" and subtitle "Girl Culture" on the righthand side.

This series of five videos explores the history of girlhood and what it means to grow up female in the United States, including stories of fashion, wellness, politics, work, and education, and how girls have spoken up, challenged expectations, and been on the front lines of social change.

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More videos about women and American culture:

Politics and Activism

The museum offers several videos that share the stories of how modern and historical women have participated in political and social movements. 

The Suffragist

The Suffragist still

A filmed version of the museum's on-the-floor program, The Suffragist, this set of three classroom videos examines the actions taken by suffragists in 1917 as they fought to win the right to vote. Students meet Rebecca, a historical character from Takoma Park, Maryland, who is grappling with the decision of whether—and if so how—she will join the movement. Through this series, students analyze and discuss the suffragists’ arguments and strategies, and investigate the guiding question: what did it take for women to win the vote?

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Objects of History: Woman Suffrage 

Portrait of Nannie Helen Burroughs alongside photo of her conference badge

This series of four videos details strategies that women used to fight for political power: protesting, organizing, branding, and lobbying. 

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Brief and Incomplete: Votes for Women

Video image, "Brief and Incomplete: Votes for Women"

“Brief and Incomplete” asks us to take a look at the histories we think we know and ask: What have we chosen to remember? Who’s missing? And what’s the whole story?  

As 19th-century women formed national organizations to work toward woman suffrage, white organizers often marginalized women of color and excluded them from the movement. To advocate for suffrage and address the myriad challenges racism caused their communities, Black women organized through the Black women’s club movement.  

NMAH Museum Educator Julie Garner and activist Billie Krishawn explore this history and its relevance to modern-day voting rights. Billie Krishawn is a Washington, D.C., resident who gives time, energy, and resources to help her community, focusing especially on issues around voting rights. She is one of many concerned citizens who, inspired by history, take action to make positive change in their communities. 

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More videos about women's activism:


Women have played significant roles in the history of American sports, both professionally and recreationally. See below for a selection of video content featuring women and communities of women participating in athletics.  

We Belong Here

The title of the video is on the left with a photograph of Amy Purdy with a snowboard and uniform on the right.

This short series of videos mark the 50th anniversary of Title IX and demonstrates the long fight for equal opportunity in athletics. The athletes featured in these three videos tangibly influenced their sports through their advocacy work for gender equity. 

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¡Pleibol! in 3-minutes

Black and white photograph of young women wearing baseball uniforms for the "Cherokee's" team posing for a photograph. There is a boy holding a bat seated at the front of the group.

This series of videos highlight Latinx individuals and communities that have played and transformed baseball. 

Great Americans

Headshot of Billie Jean King


This interview with pioneering tennis player Billie Jean King details her life as a trailblazing athlete.

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